Going to Nijhum Dwip, Resorts and Hotels – A Complete Travel Guide

Welcome to our Nijhum Dwip complete travel guide. Nijhum Island is like a piece of heaven in the middle of the sea full of breathtaking beauty in the lap of the Bay of Bengal.

Nijhum Dwip (Nijhum Dwip) is located on the southwest coast of Bangladesh in the middle of the Bay of Bengal at the mouth of the Meghna River. The island belongs to the Hatia upazila of the Noakhali district.

This island in the lap of the Bay of Bengal is full of breathtaking beauty like a piece of heaven in the middle of the sea. It is an enchanting island with a unique blend of sea beaches, mangrove forests, natural beauty and diverse wildlife.

As a traveller, I’m excited to share this guide that will help you explore the beauty of Nijhum Dwip.

How to Go to Nijhum Dwip

You can go to Nijhum Dwip by road, train, and by launch. Follow the below guide to travel to Nijhum Dwip.

By Road or Bus

To reach Nijhum Dwip by road or by bus:

  • First, reach Sonapur of Noakhali by bus or car;
  • Then, hire a CNG to reach Chairman Ghat;
  • From Chairman Ghat, you have to get to Bondortila of Nijhum Dwip on Trawler or by boat (10 km);

After reaching Bondortila, you can hire a motorcycle to reach tourist sports inside Nijhum Dwip.

Bus Fare to Nijhum Dwip:

You can find Buses from Dhaka Syadabad, Komolapur, Mohakhali and Alogkarmore Chattogram bus stations. There are Asia Line, Asia Classic, Ekushey Express and Himachal Express that leave for Sonapur. Bus Fare: Tk 350-450.

By Train

  • To reach Nijhum Dwip by train, you have to reach Maijdi Station in Noakhali;
  • Then hire CNG from Maizdi to Chairman Ghat;
  • From Chairman Ghat, go to Bandartila Ghat of Nijhum Dwip on a boat or trawler.

Train Fare to Nijhum Dwip:

Dhaka to Maijdi230 to 550 taka
Maijdi to Chairman Ghat500 to 600 taka (by CNG)
120 to 130 taka (by Bus)
Chairman Ghat to Nijhum Dwip Bandartila Ghat22 taka (per head)

Dhaka to train ticket fare varies from Tk 230 to Tk 550 depending on the class. CNG reserve fare from Maijdi to Chairman Ghat is Tk 500 to Tk 600 and local bus fare is Tk 120 to Tk 130 per person. The trawler fare from Chairman Ghat to Nijhum Dwip’s Bandartila Ghat is Tk 22 per person.

Tips for Traveling to Nijhum Island by Train

Book train tickets in advance. Know the train schedule in advance. Know in advance the schedule of the trawler from Chairman Ghat to Nijhum Island Bandartila Ghat.

By Water or Launch

  • To go to Nijhum Dwip by launch, take the launch from Dhaka Sadarghat to Hatiya. The launch departs at 5:30 PM and reaches Hatia Tamuruddhi Ghat between 8:00 and 9:00 a.m. the next day;
  • Then go to Mokhtaria ghat by motorcycle.
  • Again go to Bandartila Ghat of Nijhum dwip by Trawler.

It usually takes 16 to 18 hours to reach Nijhum Dwip from Dhaka.

Launch Fare to Nijhum Dwip

Sadarghat to Hatiya Tamuruddhi GhatDeck 350 Taka
Single Cabin 1200 taka
Double Cabin 2200 taka
Hatiya to Moktaria Ghat350 to 350 Taka
Moktaria Ghat to Bandartila Ghat (Per person by Trawler)22 Taka

Things to Do

1. Mangrove Forests, Spotted Deer and Wildlife

Nijhum Dwip is renowned for its extensive mangrove forests, which are home to diverse wildlife, including spotted deer and various bird species. Take a guided tour through the forest to spot these incredible creatures in their natural habitat.

Here you can see spotted deer, buffalo, wild dogs, wild boar, monkeys, magpies, Chil, Swallows, Bulbuls, Buzzards, pythons, sea turtles and various species of fish, crabs, etc.

Nijhum dwip deer

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2. Sea Beach

The island boasts pristine beaches with soft golden sands. Stroll along the shoreline, collect seashells, or simply relax and soak in the breathtaking views of the Bay of Bengal.

nijhum dwip sea beach

3. Long Wooden Bridge

There is a wooden bridge of 800 meters standing in between clear water below and blue sky above. As you walk through the bridge, you can experience breathtaking Meghna’s scenic view. Tourists are attracted by such a charming scene.

The bridge is made of wooden decks. Tourists named it Namar Bazar Beach Bridge. There is a canopy in the middle of the bridge. Tourists rest in the canopies. Many people also enjoy the view of the sunset in the canopy in the late afternoon light.

nijhum dwip wooden bridge

4. Dolphin Watching

One of the unique experiences on the island is dolphin watching. Book a boat tour to witness these playful creatures leaping and frolicking in the crystal-clear waters.

5. Ancient Buddhist temple

There is an ancient Buddhist temple in the northeastern part of Nijhum Island. This temple is believed to be 1500 years old.

Where to Stay: Resorts and Hotels

Nijhum Dwip has some good resorts for tourists, with water supply and electricity through generators. Hotels, motels and campsites are available for accommodation in Nijhum Island.

Hotels and motels are located in various parts of the island. Hotels cost more than motels. Camping arrangements are in the Chowdhury Khal area located in the northeastern part of Nijhum Island.

Resorts and Hotels in Nijhum Dwip

  • Nijhum Resort (Obokash Hotel), Namar Bazar
  • Hotel Shaheen, Namar Bazar
  • Hotel Sohail, Namar Bazar
  • Masjid boarding, disembarking
  • Nijhum Dream Land Resort, Bandartila
  • Hotel Dwip Sompod (Syed Uncle’s Hotel), Namar Bazar
  • Hotel Sheraton, Bandartila Bazar
  • Zilla Parishad Dakbanglo
  • Dakbungalow of the Forest Department
  • Mahmud Boarding
  • Hotel Amena International

Best Time to Visit Nijhum Dwip

Winter and spring are the best time to explore the beauty of Nijhum Island. That means, October to mid-April is the best time. As the roads are dry at this time, you can go anywhere in the vicinity. Besides, it will be convenient to walk on the forest path to see the deer.

If you go during the rainy season, you have to walk around the whole island in knee-deep mud. There will be a lot of trouble with the vehicle.

But the good news for foodies is that there are plenty of fish available during this time. Besides, during the rest of the year, the Meghna River and the sea are very rough.

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