Why Bandarban is well known in Bangladesh?

Bandarban is mainly well known for its natural beauty. Know about well-known Bandarban tourist spots and foods here.

Bandarban is well-known for its natural beauty. Bandarban is a district located in the south-eastern part of Bangladesh. There are towering mountains, dense forests, crystal clear waterfalls and several sightseeing spots that attract tourists.

Apart from the natural beauty of Bandarban, it is also known for its rich culture. Bandarban is home to many ethnic groups, each with its own culture and customs. Tourists come from far and wide to see the local culture and ethnic groups in Bandarban.

Bandarban is also called the Girl of Hill. Most of the area is covered with hills, mountain springs, lakes and rivers.

why is Bandarban well-know

Once in Bandarban, due to incessant rain, the water in the canal increased, and a group of monkeys held each other and lined up in the canal. People around can see this scene of the monkey crossing. Since then the place has been named Maakchi Chara. That is, Maak means monkey and Chi means dam in Marma language. Due to the change of words in the course of time, this word now takes the form of Bandarban. (Source: Wikipedia)

In this blog, I will tell you some information about Bandarban and what Bandarban is famous for.

Some Famous Tourist Spots in Bandarban

Some well-known places to visit in Bandarban include the Nilgiris, Mahalachari, Thanchi, Keokradang, and Alikadam. Natural beauty, rich culture, and friendly people attract tourists to these places.

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1. Nilgiri:

Why is Bandarban well known? To answer this question, first of all, Bandarban is well-known for the Nilgiri which is the most popular tourist attraction of Bandarban. It is a hill town situated at about 3,000 feet above sea level. From the Nilgiri, one can enjoy the scenic view of the region around Bandarban.

2. Boga Lake

Another tourist sport in Bandarban is Baga Lake. It is also known as Bogakine Lake. Baga Lake is located 60 km from Ruma Bus Station, Sadar Upazila of Bandarban. The water colour of Baga Lake is blue and very eye-catching. Bagalek has an elevation of about 1,246 feet above sea level and an area of 15 acres.

There are many mythological stories among the Bam, Marma, Mro, Khumi and Tripura about how the lake was formed so high in the mountains.

2. Mahalchari

Mahalchari is a small village located in Nilgiri Upazila of Bandarban. It is known for its natural beauty, which includes clear waterfalls, dense forests, and high mountains. There are many Trekking and Camping Trails in Mahalchari.

3. Thanchi

Thanchi is an upazila of Bandarban bordering Rangamati district. It is known for its Tibetan culture. There are many Tibetan temples and schools in Thanchi.

Thanchi in Bandarban has some other attractions like Thanchi Bridge, Nafakhum Falls, Thanchi Museum, Thuikhai Temple etc.

4. Keokradang:

Keokradang is the second highest mountain in Bangladesh for which Bandarban is also well known. Located on the border of Bangladesh and Myanmar, this mountain is about 13,000 feet above sea level. From Keokradang one can enjoy the scenic view of the area around Bandarban.

However, this mountain is located in a very remote area. Many adventurous people visit here during winter. The mesmerizing beauty of the green Keokradong, the cool springs, the winding mountain roads and the game of hide and seek of the clouds on the hilltops are mesmerizing to anyone.

5. Alikadam

Alikadam is an upazila of Bandarban which is located near the China border. It is known for its forest resources. Alikadam has many forests and wildlife.

6. Chimbuk Hill

Chimbuk Hill is one of the famous places in Bandarban. It is the third-highest mountain in Bangladesh and – a wonderful haven of natural beauty. This mountain is about 2,500 feet above sea level. A beautiful road has been constructed to reach the top of Chimbuk Hill.

The views of the green hills, forests, and winding roads uphill on the way to the top are spectacular.

At the top of Chimbuk Hill is a huge square, known as Nava Chatwar. From the square, you can enjoy the beautiful view of the sea of ​​Cox’s Bazar and different areas of Chittagong. Also, one can buy and eat delicious fruits grown in Bandarban from the local fruit vendors at the summit.

7. Golden Temple

What else is Bandarban famous for? I would say Bandarban is famous for the Golden Temple. It is another Bandarban tourist spot. A tourist’s trip should not be complete without coming here and seeing the Golden Temple. Because its unique architecture is really eye-catching.

Although this temple built for local Buddhists is not made of gold, its golden colour when mixed with the sun really shines like gold. Numerous tourists and Buddhists from all over the country come to see this temple.

Famous Foods of Bandarban

Apart from its natural beauty, Bandarban is also well known for its delicious food. Bandarban is home to many ethnic groups, each with its own cuisine. Some of the famous dishes of Bandarban include:

  • Chicken Malaikari:  Chicken Malaikari is a popular dish of Bandarban. It is a salty and spicy dish made with chicken, milk, and various spices.
  • Iraboti Fish:  Irrawaddy fish is a native fish of Bandarban. It is a sweet-tasting fish that is usually fried or served with broth.
  • Soft fish:  Soft fish is another local fish of Bandarban. It is a small, soft fish that is usually fried or served in broth.
  • Pickles and Sweets:  Various types of pickles are available in Bandarban. They are usually made with local fruits and vegetables. Besides, various types of sweets are available here. They are usually made with local spices and fruits.

Bandarban is a popular tourist destination due to all these sights and natural beauty. In another blog, I will share about Bandarban attractions how to get there, and where to stay.

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